E-car, biotechnology and music in Ulm and Kuopio

The aim of this project is dyadic cooperation, as theme is help the progress of innovations and technic, using music also. Project takes 2 years, from Kuopio participateting 16 dancing students and 14  physics students.

In this project we are first, during spring 2015,  building small e-cars  and invastigating the acceleration and ability of e-car  to climb a hill with different kinf of gears. After that ,2015 – 2016, we continue by biotecnology and a musical about Automobil .

We started project planning   in December 2014 in Ulm. Now we practice to plan and build  a small e-car in Kuopio. We meet 6 times with 14 students during spring before we meet in  Ulm.